Hiring A House Cleaning Service

Today everyone is busy working, very hard. It is very  difficult to multitask. Working and managing your kids, cleaning, washing in other words household chores is very difficult. To get rid off this you can hire a maid. A maid will do all of the above tasks  in return of a monetary amount.

But where do you find maids and how? For this you can take the help of a maid service agency. All you need to do is telling them your requirements, the tasks the Scottsdale maid company needs to and they shall find one for you accordingly.

Lastly, you can open up a similarly agency of yours too to help others out and earn a good load of money in return. To start this business there are a few things that you need to do.

Define your budget

The first and the foremost important thing behind any bu7siness is the budget. You need to gather an initial funding to start the business. But before that you need to fix a budget. You need to decide the total amount of money you shall need for the office, cleaning product, logistics and etc.

Figure out  your Unique Selling Proposition.

To run the business successfully you need to stand out from your competitors. For this you need to see what services your competitors are providing and how unique can you are. For this you can provide your customers with eco-friendly cleaning materials, weekend services and etc.

Set your price.

You need to set your pricing carefully and smartly. By smartly it doesn’t have to be less than your competitors. You need to set a price that is neither too high nor too low. You can also include hourly pricing, per square feet pricing or flat rate pricing. For the per square feet one, you are sett a price that shall vary from room to room size. Lastly, the flat rate pricing shall be easier to calculate specially when you are providing a maid very regularly to a place. Also you could place a transportation fee for the maids in your pricing.

Hire high-quality staff.

Everyone prefers quality of quantity. Maybe initially you need to spend more on hiring good quality staffs for a head-start and  better service but this will help you to earn more money in the long run. By investing and hiring good quality staff you are actually buying goodwill for your company.

Market your business.

Promotions are very important to any business. You might own a good quality maid service agency but it won’t be of any use if no one knows about it. So you need to properly promote your agency. You can do this through newspaper advertisements,  online promotions, leaflets, brochures and even television advertisements.


Seek out your target market.

Summing up, you need to select your target market wisely and beforehand. Are you willing to provide this service to old people that can’t manage such works themselves or working individuals that hardly stay at home.

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